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About Us

Rajput forum, Maharashtra state, is non-political social organization, established on 20th Nov 2011, the registration number with Maharashtra state is MAH/729/11 AMRAVATI. Rajput forum will engage in exchanging thoughts, ideas and increase the interaction within and outside the Rajput community settled in Maharashtra. Rajput community has always displayed enormous courage, sacrifice, great patriotism which we wish to carry forward within Indian constitution framework without contradicting any social or religious group or organization. We will channelize the youth energy for patriotic work and will endeavor to provide equal status to men and women in our society.

Moral Values

We will establish appropriate modern value in society by eliminating orthodox and irrelevant customs, non-progressive rituals and inappropriate practices which degrades social values and morality. We will endeavor to restrict the infanticide, dowry system, after-death rituals and any others similar practices which spoil the society and drag them backwards on progress path.


To improve the financial condition of society, we will tap the various central and state government welfare schemes, utilize the social service trust and also to contact various industries to help weaker section of people.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to stop the social evil-practices, orthodox beliefs, infanticide, dowry system and seed progressive and modern thought process in our society via this forum. Community marriages, temple and trust establishment in prominent cities, building marriage and social activities premises, establishing offices of this forum in major cities will be our focus areas. Educate young people, women and men about the great history of Maharana Pratap, Pruthviraj Chouhan, Rana Sanga, Amarsingh Rathod, Rani Padmavati and establish there remembrance status in prominent places will be our priority.


To spread education we will establish and run primary schools, anganwadies, secondary and high schools, girls schools, technical schools, physical education for boys and girls, D.Ed schools, B.P.Ed. colleges, C.P.Ed colleges, MSW B.Ed. colleges on need basis. Establishing and excelling the medical and engineering colleges, aeronautical college, agricultural colleges, vocational training, and technical skill up gradation to improve the educational level of society.


Establish and develop the industrial exposure of society by industry-society interaction, arrange seminars and workshops on industry relevant subjects and topics, establish and run vocational and industrial skills, training courses for skill up gradation, get benefitted from state and central government schemes to increase industrialization.


Will endeavor to arrange cultural and sporting activities of nationalize and international games. Will establish and run gymnasium, health club, yoga classes and spread health consciousness in society. Will put our resources to establish and run elderly homes, widow homes, orphanage and crush center. Will arrange seminars, discussions, expert debates, celebrate birth anniversaries of great leaders, celebrate relevant Indian customs and festivals, and establish contact with other social and religious group to spread brotherhood, mutual respect and cooperation.